Well said, Bob. And yet this cannot go on forever. The existence of Israel is a fact of life whether Hamas likes it or not. Short of nuclear annihilation, the ultimate in self-destructive impulses, Israel will remain. Set aside Israel's security concerns for a moment while we examine the Palestinian side of the equation.

Palestinians do not have a homeland despite the best intentions of UN Resolution 181. They have a smattering of oversized refugee camps, some with tendrils of Israel taking root in them. They have, as you noted, no meaningful government, rights, or opportunities. And the Palestinians are not going away any more than Israel is.

Middle Eastern states in cooperation with other powers and operating under the auspices of the United Nations need to recognize a Palestinian State composed of the West Bank and Gaza with assured passage between the two through Be'er Sheva. This needs to be accompanied by massive funding to build out infrastructure and develop agricultural and industrial bases in Palestine. In short the Palestinians need to have something to build on, something of their own, something that passes as a shining future for themselves and their children. Money flows like water from Middle Eastern states to fund terrorism. Time for all of them, Israel included, to fund a new dawn for Palestine.

The UN needs to guarantee Israel's security. This in reality means the US which, to be fair, is already the case. Those Israelis living in "settlements" in Palestinian territory could apply for Palestinian citizenship or return to Israel. That would, of course, set the right wingers into a fulsome howl. But tough shit. This has to end. It is in no one's interest for Middle East to be a smoldering cauldron of forever war.

Or is it?

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It’s rare to read such a balanced article. One thing you didn’t include is that the Palestinians have burned their bridges with neighboring Arab states. This makes relocating them difficult if not impossible

I don’t see any one party as a villain. Given the Holocaust and pogroms, I understand why the western powers felt this was a good idea. Of course they were giving land that wasn’t really theirs to give

Interestingly, recognizing Israel was one of the most controversial issues within the Truman Administration with George Marshall warning that this would happen

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Excellent summary, Bob. It's impossible at this point to identify one of the sides as either right or wrong, justified or guilty. Time will tell how this impossible situation will play out - it won't be pretty.

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Wow, Bob. That's brave! I can't disagree, but I wouldn't have the guts to post it online.

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